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6 min readJan 3, 2023

When we are discussing the purchase of digital currency, you may have heard of a term, auto investment.

So, what is auto investing?

Auto investment, as the name suggests, is an auto investing with fixed amount on a fixed time. In short, we set a purchase time ourselves, such as the 15th of every month or every Monday, set a purchase amount, such as 200$, select the crypto asset you want to buy and complete the auto investment configuration.

Auto investment is the simplest strategy in the trading market. Based on the previous data, choosing auto investment can outperform more than 90% of investors. However, it is difficult for ordinary investors to strictly implement the strategy manually.

Why choose the auto investing instead of a one-time buying?

First of all, from the perspective of cash management, auto investment is a way of savings. Especially for people who live paycheck to paycheck, it is a means to avoid blowing their money. Also, the auto investment can diversify risks and avoid buying overvalued crypto assets at one time. Auto investment is the best way to get started in financial management. Most people do not have the ability to choose the right time, not to mention it is easy to lose judgement when the market is plummeting or soaring.

How to choose the timing of auto investment?

Auto investment does not mean that you can completely give up the choice of timing. Timing is an eternal problem. Human greed and fear often lead to buying high and selling low. For auto investment, positioning medium and long-term investment should focus on value investment, entering when the market is undervalued and exiting when the market is overvalued.

With the extension of auto investment time, the average cost tends to be a stable value, so for long-term (investment time is longer than one market cycle or even longer) auto investment investors, the timing of entry is not as important as the timing of exit. No matter when you start, if you can exit at a high point of the bull market, the income will still be very rich.

For mid-term (investment time is about one market cycle or shorter) auto investment investors, the timing of entry and exit is equal important. From a market perspective, the bear market is the most suitable time node for auto investment. Only by accumulating enough chips in the bear market can the maximum profit be obtained in the bull market. Taking history as a mirror, around 2020, when the market sentiment is low (in area A), users have enough time to accumulate chips. After just over a year, the price of BTC has been on the fast track (in area B), and users have at least gained 3 times the income.

Although it is difficult for us to judge when is the bottom, we can use some other data to assist in judging whether it is a good time for auto investment.

Yellow line: BTC price; Blue line: Mining cost

From the end of July to the end of December 2022. Mining is no longer a stable business for Bitcoin miners. On the contrary, miners are already losing money, but we can see that the hashrate of BTC (data as of December 29, 2022) has not declined significantly. In fact, the recent hashrate has increased relatively, which means the market is bearish, but the view on BTC is still optimistic.

So from now on, even if the price of BTC still declines in the future, the scattered investment will gradually even out the cost of holding positions. This does not require users to master special trading skills, but only needs to invest regularly and wait for the market coming back.

Auto investment has such many benefits, but why choose HyperPay auto investment?

HyperPay Wallet has launched an auto investment plan, which is a dollar cost averaging (DCA) investment strategy. It is divided into single currency and portfolio investment. At the same time, it innovatively launches smart auto investment and leverage auto investment, which supports users to make investment in dozens of mainstream and popular currencies. The cycle of purchasing digital currency can be flexibly set, and the assets of auto investment can enjoy current income.

The smart auto investment adopts the moving average strategy, also known as the moving average deviation strategy. The specific amount of auto investment in the current period is determined according to the deviation degree of the price of the auto investment token one day before the deduction date relative to the 300-day moving average of the token. Leverage auto investment provides 1–3 times leverage. Users can use lower interest to leverage greater incomes. It helps users to automatically execute crypto investment plan at fixed intervals so as to realize the periodic buying regardless of currency price fluctuations, and to obtain high returns when the bull market comes.

Extra income

HyperPay auto investment provides current income for the assets invested by users.

More principle

HyperPay auto investment provides 1–3 times leverage. Users can use lower interest to leverage greater incomes, which is a function that other products on the market do not have.

Easy to operate

Users only need to set the auto investment time and amount and other options for one time, and then it will automatically purchase and deduct for future investment. In addition, the deduction supports not only the available balance of the user’s wallet, but also the investment assets in the BitEarn.

Intelligent buy mode

Intelligent buy mode is the moving average auto investment mode. Its investment strategy is to buy less at a high point, that is, when the currency price rises and is higher than the reference moving average, buy less. Buy more at a low point, that is, when the currency price falls and is lower than the reference moving average, buy more.

Controllable cycle

During the auto investment plan, users can modify or suspend the auto investment plan (assets/proportion/cycle, etc.) according to their own investment strategy changes. The modified auto investment plan will take effect in the next cycle.

Flexible options

Auto investment supports single currency, and also multi-currency portfolio, and currency proportion can be customized.


In the cycle of market development, no one can accurately grasp the fleeting bottom or the lowest price in order to all in to maximize the profit. Because the market is full of uncertainties, if you want to gain profits in the market, you must learn to spread costs, improve your own risk resistance, and choose an investment auxiliary tool that suits your own conditions.

In the current bear market, auto investment is undoubtedly the best solution in all aspects. Users can lift the burden of capital expenditures in the bear market and enjoy the current income. Meanwhile, the controllable leverage of 1–3 times can effectively avoid being attacked by extreme market fluctuations, and to maximize your profits. Auto investment is a medium and long-term investment behavior, and all you need to do is to choose HyperPay auto investment.

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