User Guide for Creating Your Base Wallet on HyperPay

2 min readAug 11, 2023


Follow the steps to create your HyperPay Base wallet!

  1. Switch to HyperPay Web3 wallet. Click on the wallet to select the entrance.

2. Drop down to the bottom of the main network list on the left and select BASE network.

3. Click on the Add Wallet portal to add a BASE wallet.

4. You can choose to create a new BASE wallet, or import existing mnemonics or private keys to generate a BASE wallet.

5. Entering this page indicates that the BASE wallet has been added successfully.

6. Select dApp module.

7. Click on the dApp channel to customize the entrance.

8. Click to add BASE channel to dApp category list.

9. Returning to the dApp list, swipe the dApp channel to find the BASE channel. Here are the dApps that support the BASE main network.

10. Click on dApp under the BASE channel, and the wallet selection will pop up. At this time, select the BASE network.

11. Click on the base wallet again to inject the wallet for transactions.