Two Steps! CEX-like DEX Experience in HyperPay Wallet

The following is a detailed demonstration of the operation process of using Dex in HyperPay on-chain wallet. It is very suitable for newbies and DeFi beginners. (It currently only supports MDEX, and Uniswap, Pancakeswap and other decentralized exchanges will be supported soon later).

Download HyperPay wallet:

1. After completing the HyperPay wallet installation, click on-chain wallet at the top right. Then you can create or import a wallet address.

2. Click the DApp icon and jump to this page as below. Click the Banner entry at the top to start DEX trading. You can choose the tokens you need to trade, and have a CEX-like trading experience.

The following is an introduction to the functions, which are extremely convenient compared to DEX (taking MDEX as an example)

1. About token search

On the Transaction page, click the down arrow button, and click the magnifier button to enter the contract address to search for the token you want.

2. About checking the price of tokens

On the Transaction page, first find the token you want to check (as described above), click the little button at the end on the right, and you can see the token price trend.

3. About the adding and redemption of liquidity

On the Liquidity page, select the liquidity transaction pair you need to add, click and complete the “Approve” of both tokens, enter your transaction password, and click “Add”. After you hold the LP Token, you can click “Redeem” to redeem the corresponding liquidity.




Bringing the Digital Wallet into the Age of Blockchain.

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Bringing the Digital Wallet into the Age of Blockchain.

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