How to use HyperPay Wallet to participate in DRC20 Inscription

3 min readJan 10, 2024

Step 1: Download and Install HyperPay Wallet App

Download via the following link or search for “HyperPay” directly in the app market/app store.

Download link:

Step 2: After installation, select web3 wallet and click on the bottom “Start Now”

Step 3: Enter HyperPay web3 wallet

If you never use decentralised wallet before, please select “Create a Wallet” (We suggest you to create identity wallet directly);

If you already have a DOGE wallet, please select “Restore/Import Wallet”;

Step 4: After connecting your wallet, click “Inscriptions” at the bottom, select “DRC20" at the top, and click “Start Inscribing” in the banner picture.

Step 5: Enter the inscription page, enter the Ticker and Amount, choose the number of times you want to repeat the minting, and click “Next”.

Step 6: After confirming that the minting information is correct, click “Confirm” at the bottom.

Step 7: Choose the cost of the network (fast network is recommended), click on the bottom of the “Inscribe”.

Step 8: Wait for the page to display “Transaction sent”, wait a few minutes, click on “View on block explorer”.

Step 9: When the transaction status in the explorer shows “Confirmed”, the inscription is completed, then you can view the inscription assets in “My-DRC20".