The world’s first 3-in-1 wallet has been battle tested in Asia and is on its way here


After steadily building itself into one of Asia’s most popular digital wallets, the HyperPay crypto wallet is about to burst on the English-speaking scene.

The off-chain wallet

This was HyperPay’s first solution out of the gate and it allowed the company to attract the widest user-base in as short of a time as possible.

The on-chain wallet

HyperPay knew if they wanted to attract the true blockchain enthusiasts, they’d need to build an on-chain wallet. So that’s what they did next, and the way they did it is a testament to how effective their development team is.

The enterprise-shared wallet

Finally, HyperPay recognized a gap in the market for the big players in the crypto game: enterprise users. These users often work on teams, meaning a single private key represents an unacceptable single point of failure. HyperPay’s on-chain shared wallet offers private keys to everyone on a team, and no one can authorize a transaction without 50% approval.

Bottom Line

HyperPay is a company that knows where they are headed, and their wallet reflects that. It is clean, intuitive and simple to use, with the ability to seamlessly switch from the on-chain to the off-chain wallet and back again.

About HyperPay

HyperPay are wholly owned and operated by Hyperwallet Limited Melta, as an offshoot of the digital agency Legend. Founders Jacob Cheng and Gary Nan first launched the product in Asia since that is the market they were most familiar with. Now that they are 880,000 users strong (mostly in Korea and China), they have decided it is time to tackle the English-speaking world.



Bringing the Digital Wallet into the Age of Blockchain.

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