Thank you, For All — HyperPay Thanksgiving Day Theme Event

Who is your most grateful person for this Thanksgiving Day? Is he/she an epidemic protection worker? Is he/she yourself, a hardworking self? Or the parents who raised yourself? Or the HyperPay wallet that brings you wealth and security? Or everything in this world that can bring value to your life? We understand the hardships and efforts of everyone, and we are also grateful to all the people in the world who create value and wealth!

So, HyperPay hereby organizes Thanksgiving theme event. With HyperPay Twitter, everyone can show your appreciation here to anyone or any platform you like, and we will also give away rewards!

Event Duration: Nov.24-Nov.30

How to Join:
Quote this Tweet with your work (text, picture, video are all available) & @ the person or platform you want to thank. The best work will be selected and rewarded!

You can draw a picture, write a thank-you letter, record a video, take a group photo, or express your gratitude to him in any way you like.

1 First prize: 100 U

5 Second prizes: 50 U

10 Third prizes: 20 U

Note: The list of winners and their works will be officially announced within one week after the event. The winners must contact the official Twitter within three working days: @Hyperpay_tech provides the HyperPay account address, otherwise it will be deemed a waiver.

HyperPay Wallet download link:

HyperPay is the world’s first four-in-one digital asset wallet, innovatively integrating off-chain wallet, on-chain wallet, shared wallet, and hardware wallet. In the spirit of“Security, Our Fist Concern. Enhancement, the Firm Destination”, HyperPay is committed to integrating the personal finance field and the mainstream third-party platform payment field, and building a convenient and secure one-stop service platform for digital assets through continuous technological innovations, providing digital currency users and enterprises with financial services such as asset custody, wealth management, and consumer payment. It uses a digital wallet to solve all the problems related to digital cryptocurrency. HyperPay has more than 1 million users, more than $1 billion in asset management, and more than 310 million transfers.

HyperPay Team

November 24, 2021

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