PoS Staking Plan Launching, GXC + 100%!

1 min readApr 27, 2020

To celebrate HyperPay’s support for GXC staking, we will launch the “PoS Staking Plan-GXC + 100%” investment at 20:00(UTC + 8)on Apr 27. Users can transfer GXC to the HyperPay off-chain wallet in advance to participate in time-limited sale.

Annualized rate: 100%
Quota: 500,000 GXC
Period: 7 days
Individual limit: min 50 GXC, max 3000 GXC
Start time: Apr 27, 20:00 (UTC + 8)

Distribution: It will take more than 24 hours to begin accrue investment rewards. The assets you deposited cannot be withdrawn prior to the end of the investment period. Principal and rewards will be transferred automatically to your wallet at the end of the period.

HyperPay reserves all the rights of final interpretation

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