May 27 | Crypto Daily News

[Global News]

1 Facebook’s Calibra Rebrands to Novi, Details Wallet Tie-Up With WhatsApp
2 Vitalik Buterin Acknowledges Zilliqa Saying It Has A Lot Of Room To Grow, Just Like Ethereum
3 Polkadot (DOT) launched a stand-alone blockchain today, but the network is not considered the project’s mainnet yet

[HyperPay News]

1 HyperPay will hold a private dinner on May 30 in Chengdu, China.
2 HyperPay will attend the Global Mining Forum in Chengdu,China on May 28–29 and give a keynote speech
3 HyperPay will join the “Top Hash” Supercomputing Industry Summit and Private Dinner hosted by TokenInsight on May 30
4 HyperPay Twitter Giveaway is in heat, with over 1,000 participants

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