“Lucky Heco” Event Winner Announcement

2 min readJul 23, 2021


Dear users

Thank you for participating in the “Lucky Heco” event jointly launched by HyperPay and Heco. The following is the list of “lucky Heco” Mystery Box winners.

Winning information query:

Please open this link and enter the last 7 digits of your Heco address to check the winning result.

1. The winning result will be shown as the last 7 digits of the Heco address.

2. Input the last 7 digits of YOUR Heco address to check if you have won the mystery box!!!

3. The NFT mystery box will be airdropped to the Heco address within 3 days.

4. After confirming the winning result, please click the below the corresponding link according to the selected mystery box category to view and receive more rewards:

Ø Obtain Privilege NFTs of “Filda”>>>

Ø Obtain Crypto Art NFTs of “TKSX”>>>

Ø Obtain Game Props NFTs of “Evolution Land” >>>

The HECO NFT Mystery Box is actually composed of three types of NFTs: Crypto Art NFTs, Privilege NFTs, or Game Prop NFTs.




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