HyperPay Weekly Report 5/17–5/23

Dear Users,

we have updated the weekly report 5/17–5/23, read more detail as following:

1、Product progress


Overall optimization of Wealth is under testing

System push function optimization is under testing

Adding voice verification code function is under testing

Adding a time reminder for large withdrawal arrival is under testing

Supporting using credit card to buy coins is under testing

Overall optimization of PoS Staking is under development

Overall optimization of BitEarn is under development

MY Assets page optimization is under development

PoS index fund optimization is sorting demand


HyperMate supporting BSC and HECO mainnet currency testing is completed

Optimization of wallet import/export testing is completed

Bug is fixed and testing is completed

HyperMate supporting ETH/BSC/HECO DApp is under testing

Demand review of transaction page optimization is completed

2、Operation Dynamics

HyperPay off-chain wallet launched special investment on May 20

HyperPay off-chain wallet has launched on May 20 Fixed investment — Special 90 days! USDT with annualized return of 14%, BTC 8.88% and ETH 12%.

HyperPay on-chain wallet launches new DApps

HyperPay on-chain wallet has launched Wing Finance, Apron Network and other public chain Dapps, and is committed to providing users with the highest quality DeFi experience.

3、Market dynamics

HyperPay Wallet cooperated with MDEX and CoinWind to giveaway $5,000 COW airdrops

On May 24, HyperPay & MDEX & CoinWind launched a $5,000 COW airdrop event! Event time: May 24, 12:00-May 27, 12:00 (UTC). Follow HyperPay official Twitter (@Hyperpay_tech) for details of the event.

4、Operation Data

Countries that users belong to: 150+

Cumulative registered users: 1,100,000+

Users benefited from investment: 400,000+

The most popular investment currency: USDT

The most popular Investment product: DeFi Staking

Currencies of PoS minging pool: 11

Currencies support instant exchange: 30

Off-chain public-chain support: 48

On-chain public-chain support: 26

HyperMate public-chain support: 11

Digital assets stored: $1,000,000,000+




Bringing the Digital Wallet into the Age of Blockchain. hyperpay.tech

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Bringing the Digital Wallet into the Age of Blockchain. hyperpay.tech

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