HyperPay Weekly Report 1207–1213

Dear Users,

we have updated the weekly report 1207–1213,read more detail as following:

一、Product progress


1.Adding HyperCard application record for ease of viewing application status is in R&D

2.Currency information optimization is in R&D

3.Instant exchange optimization is in R&D

4.Wallet-exchange transfer function optimization is in R&D

5.Combining ETH receive address with ERC20 contract token address is in R&D

6.Unifying message center is sorting demand

7.Overall optimization of the wealth module is sorting demand


1.HyperMate Pro is being tested

2.HyperMate supporting TRX, DOT, FIL is in R&D

二、Operation Dynamics

1. HyperPay Off-chain Launched HBT Vault — hHC Pool

HyperPay launched the HBT Vault — hHC pool on December 11, and there’s now 9 pools, including BTC, ETH, hHPY, USDT, HBT, hQTUM, hFIL, hDASH and more other token pools will be opened in the future, so stay tuned.

2. HyperPay On-chain Launched New DAPPs

HyperPay on-chain wallet has launched various public chain Dapps such as Crust, JFII, BSCSwap info etc. HyperPay is committed to providing users with the best quality DeFi projects.

三、Marketing Dynamics

1. HyperPay COO Eric and Marketing Brand Director Nancy were Invited to Bihu Live Broadcast Room and Brought Great Sharing.

On December 8th, HyperPay COO Eric and Marketing Brand Director Nancy joined the live broadcast of Bihu, with the theme of “How to avoid centralized minefields? Choose HyperMate, My Assets, I Decide” to share with users how to better avoid risks and protect safety of our own assets. HyperPay also gave away USDT red packets rewards for users who watch the live broadcast. Many users came to watch the live broadcast and actively joined us.

四、Operation Data

Countries that users belong to: 150+

Cumulative registered users: 1,100,000+

Users benefited from investment: 350,000+

The most popular investment currency: USDT

The most popular Investment product: DeFi Staking

Currencies of PoS mining pool: 11

Currencies support instant exchange: 28

Off-chain public-chain support: 47

On-chain public-chain support: 23

HyperMate public-chain support: 10

Digital assets stored: $1,000,000,000+

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