HyperPay Weekly Report 12/26 ~1/1

4 min readJan 4, 2023

Dear Users,

We have updated the weekly report 12/26~1/1, read more detail as follows:

I. Products Progress

HyperPay Off-Chain Wallet

1. Deposit airdrop event is launched

2. Automatic investment is launched

3. Automatic investment notification is launched

4. Optimization of credit card application verification with phone number is completed

5. Share page title optimization is launched

6. Global account is under development

7. 2022 Annual Bill is under development

8. Hyper rebate card basic rebate mode is under development

9. Credit card application first deposit feature is under development

10. Shared wallet optimization is under development

11. Card linking application page optimization is under development

HyperPay Web3 Wallet / HyperMate

1. Investment module optimization is under testing

2. Security scenarios is under testing

3. Market module upgrade is under testing

4. Android 12 compatible with bluetooth upgrade is under testing

5. Security center upgrade is under testing

6. Approval adding contract security detection is under testing

7. Adding high-risk assets management is under testing

II. Operation Dynamics

1. Off-chain wallet launched deposit airdrop event

HyperPay launched the deposit airdrop event to improve your capital utilization rate and prevent your funds from being idle. You can get generous airdrop rewards by depositing USDT and BTC. Rewards can be up to 3200 USDT and can be received immediately. Also, it does not re4quire lock up on the capital.

2. HyperPay Auto Investment Officially Launched

HyperPay Wallet has launched an auto investment plan, which is a dollar cost averaging (DCA) investment strategy. It is divided into single currency and portfolio investment. At the same time, it innovatively launches smart auto investment and leverage auto investment, which supports users to make investment in dozens of mainstream and popular currencies. The cycle of purchasing digital currency can be flexibly set to earn the current income.

3. HyperCard launches hyper rebate card

The Hyper Rebate Card is a consumer rebate card launched by HyperCard. The rebate amount is proportional to the user’s consumption amount. The higher the user level and the more consumption, the more rebates will be obtained. The rebate currency is HW5. At first, the rebate fund will be expanded by 10 times, of which 2 times the rebate fund will be injected into the agent’s mining pool, and the remaining 8 times to the user rebate fund pool which will be distributed on a monthly basis. The hyper rebates for each user will be distributed in 12 months. For details, please view the info page of the Hyper Rebate Card in the APP.

III. Marketing Dynamics

1. HyperPay Holiday Season: Sign-up Fee Waiver

From December 21, 2022 to January 9, 2023, HyperPay has started the Holiday Season.

a. During the event period, lucky users who sign up for a Physical HyperCard will receive a fee waiver, and all virtual cards will be opened for free. There are multiple rebates of up to 70%, including deposit fee back, balance APY, referral rebate, etc.

b. If you meet one of the following three requirements in the HyperPay wallet, you can get a HyperMate Pro wallet worth $229 for free. (Limited to the first 100 users of the event, first come first served)

(1) New users purchase fixed-term investment products for the first time and the purchase amount reaches 10,000 USDT equivalent assets;

(2) New users make a deposit for the first time and the deposit amount reaches the 100,000 USDT equivalent assets;

(3) One-time purchase of fixed-term investment products with assets equivalent to over 100,000 USDT.

The event is still ongoing, and for details follow HyperPay on Twitter: @Hyperpay_tech.

2. HyperPay wallet starts New Year’s event, APT airdrops are waiting for you!

From December 27, 2022 to January 5, 2023, HyperPay Wallet has started a new year event. APT airdrops are waiting for you. The event is still ongoing, and for details follow HyperPay on Twitter: @Hyperpay_tech.

3. HyperPay wallet launched the Aptos ecosystem portal!

On December 30, the HyperPay wallet launched the Aptos ecosystem portal. It now supports Aptos airdrops, Aptos DApp, Aptos NFT Mint, Aptos token APT transactions, and Twitter featured info push. Download the HyperPay app to experience!

IV. Operation Data

Countries that users belong to: 200+

Cumulative registered users: 1,200,000+

Users benefited from investment: 800,000+

The most popular investment currency: BTC

The most popular Investment product: Fixed Investment

Currencies of PoS mining pool: 11

Currencies support instant exchange: 70

Off-chain public-chain support: 54

On-chain public-chain support: 33

HyperMate public-chain support: 19

Digital assets stored: $1,000,000,000+

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