HyperPay Weekly Report 09/13–09/19

Dear Users,

we have updated the weekly report 09/13–09/19, read more detail as following:

1. Product progress


-Online stage: V4.1.7 launched

1. Market V2.0 optimization

2. HyperPay agent rebate system

3. HyperCard adds coupon function

4. Trading entry optimization

5. Password Red Packet application scenario expansion

6. Market K-line display optimization

-Developing and testing stage:

1. New user welcome bonus

2. DEX trading support added to Market

3. Optimization of email verification scenarios

4. HyperPay unified page loading style

-Product design stage:

1. HyperCard user rebate system

2. Overall optimization of Shared Wallet V2.0

3. Design of the second generation loan product V1.0


1. HyperMate supporting filecoin is completed

2. Native DEX adding pancake is completed

3. Identity/single chain wallets supporting Polygon network is completed

4. Supporting Polygon network DApp is completed

5. Adding while UI mode is under development

2. Operation Dynamics

HyperPay off-chain wallet HBT Vault added SERO, VSYS, ATOM staking pool

HyperPay off-chain wallet HBT Vault has newly added SERO, VSYS and ATOM staking pools, SERO with annualized return of 11.32%~13.76%, VSYS 6.17%~7.89%, ATOM 9.45%~11.42%, all under raising.

HyperPay principal-guaranteed Fixed 60-day products continue to be on sale

HyperPay off-chain wallet has launched the 60-day Fixed products, and it is still on sale. USDT annualized return is expected to be 12.88%, BTC 8.88%, ETH 12.88%.

HyperPay on-chain wallet launches new DApps

MHyperPay on-chain wallet has launched CoinSwap, NFTGO, Fido and other public chain Dapps, and is committed to providing users with the highest quality DeFi experience.

HyperMate Pro started the 34% discount for September

HyperMate has started the 34% discount in the official Wechat Store in September 1. From September 1 to September 30, the price of HyperMate Pro becomes 1250 CNY from 1899 CNY.

3. Market dynamics

Strategic cooperation with Polygon

HyperPay now supports Polygon network, and users can process the transactions on the Polygon chain more conveniently, such as receive or transfer of tokens on the Polygon chain in HyperPay on-chain wallet, access to the DApps. HyperPay will fully support Polygon ecosystem, and open the deeper cooperation with it in terms of mainnet ecosystem, market and others.

HyperMate September Discount has started, and the Community AMA Tour is ongoing!

From September 13 to September 27, Maya, HyperPay’s community partner, is invited to visit quality communities in Vietnam, China, Southeast Asia, Europe and America and different countries, and participate in the AMA by the theme of HyperPay — Redefine the Consumption Habit and Storage Choice of Crypto Currency. During the Tour, the HyperMate Discount and Free HyperCard activities will both be going on. She mentioned: HyperCard is easy to apply and can be purchased directly in the HyperPay wallet. Digital currency can be exchanged into legal currency in real time after being deposited to HyperCard, eliminating the cumbersome process and the trouble of paying cash. Safe payment is guaranteed, and consumer privacy is protected by law. HyperCard creates a new payment method that is easy-to-use, fast, flexible, and highly secure, which helps to reshape the consumer habits of users for cryptocurrency.

4. Operation Data

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