HyperPay Weekly Report 01/18–01/24

Dear Users,

we have updated the weekly report 01/18–01/24, read more detail as following:

一、Product progress


1.App V4.0.14 is launched

2.Supporting credit card to buy digital currency is under development

3.HyperCard supporting online application for freezing, unfreezing, and card replacement, etc. is under development

4.Rise-or-fall daily guess to win BTC is under development

5.Invitation&referral optimization is sorting demand

6.Overall optimization of the wealth module is sorting demand

7.Unifying message center is under development

8.Overall optimization of PoS Staking is to be developed

9.Overall optimization of BitEarn is to be developed


1.HyperMate homepage revision is under development

2.HyperMate supporting adding currency is under development

3.HyperMate supporting managing currency is under development

4.OkexChain API is under development

5.Serializing OkexChain currencies is under development

二、Operation Dynamics

1. HyperPay cooperates with NEST Protocol to launch nYFI fixed investment products

HyperPay and NEST Protocol have reached a strategic cooperation, and launched nYFI fixed investment products on January 19. Investing in nYFI to earn ETH interest. The fundraising has been completed and it has entered the mining stage.

2. HyperPay on-chain wallet supports the Huobi ECO chain

HyperPay on-chain wallet officially supported Huobi Eco Chain (Heco) on January 15 and launched a serial of Heco DApps.

3. HyperPay DeFi Staking — First Mine area launches Mdex mining

Mdex is based on the Huobi Eco Chain and is an automatic market-making decentralized exchange based on the concept of fund pools. It started liquidity mining on January 19, and HyperPay DeFi Staking — First Mine area launched it as soon as possible to provide users with the best mining revenue. Supported investment currencies include USDT, BTC, ETH, BCH, and LTC. The fundraising has been completed and it has entered the mining stage.

4. HyperPay launches Bitcoin standard hashrate token BTC45W

BTC45W is a hashrate Token that anchors 45W/T mining machines. Holding 1 BTC45W is equivalent to holding 1T BTC hashrate. The mining period is 2 years, and the 2-year electricity and management fees are covered. HyperPay wallet has opened the BTC45W HBT Vault pool, and users can stake BTC45W to the HBT Vault pool to obtain additional HBT income.

三、Market dynamics

1. HyperPay and mining machine manufacturer StrongU reached a strategic cooperation

A few days ago, HyperPay has reached a strategic cooperation with the mining machine manufacturer StrongU. In this cooperation, StrongU will give priority to the latest mining machine H8 for HyperPay. StrongU Miner Hornbill H8 is the new generation of Bitcoin mining machine released in late 2020. It leads the industry in stability and performance.

HyperPay also launched the Bitcoin standard hashrate token BTC45W. Holding 1 BTC45W is equivalent to holding 1T BTC hashrate. The mining period is 2 years, and the 2-year electricity and management fees are covered, which can effectively avoid the situation that users have no income after deducting electricity and management fees when the currency price drops. Users are guaranteed effective BTC income every day. BTC45W has BTC and HBT dual mining income, and has liquidity.

2. HyperPay has reached a cooperative relationship with Heco ecological projects

HyperPay on-chain wallet now supports the Huobi eco chain Heco, and launched the Heco DApps area. The HyperPay wallet has supported MDEX, LendHub, BeeSwap, Channels, Filda, ArkSwap, BasisX, NFT HERO, CircleSwap, EarnDefi and many other DApps, and has launched Mdex quotes area. Welcome to download and experience! HyperPay app download: https://www.hyperpay.tech/app_down

HyperPay will fully support the construction and development of the Huobi eco chain Heco, and we will jointly create a sustainable blockchain ecosystem that empowers each other.

3. HyperPay and NULS jointly launched the ETH/BSC/Heco multi-chain ecological integration plan

HyperPay launched the ETH/BSC/Heco multi-chain integration plan with NULS on January 21, and selected high-quality blockchain projects to provide resource support, including institutional investment, community drainage, online AMA, DApp listing, and financial products, cross-chain ecological support and other comprehensive advisory support and services.

HyperPay will support: 1. DApp listing; 2. Opening of DeFi staking products on the HyperPay platform; 3. banner ad in HyperPay wallet; 4. Cooperative publicity: synchronizing the publicity materials to the official WeChat group, Telegram, Weibo, Twitter, etc.; 5. providing AMA event of the “HyperPay Focus” column for high-quality projects; 6. 1 mil+ media exposure and publicity support.

4. HyperPay and NEST Protocol reached a strategic cooperation

On January 18, HyperPay launched a strategic cooperation with the original asset Quote Pool Token on NEST Protocol-nYFI. HyperPay will integrate the smart contract of nYFI Token, participate in nYFI quotes mining and receive income, provide more liquidity for both protocol, and improve the fund utilization rate of crypto assets and the come of mining.

nYFI is the quote token of the YFI/ETH price oracle opened on the NEST Protocol based on the original asset of YFI. It is simply understood as the token rewarded by the on-chain price data of the YFI/ETH oracle produced by the quote miner.

5. HyperPay and NEST CLUB community AMA is successfully concluded!

At 3 PM on January 18, Edward, the core promoter of Nest Club, was a guest in the HyperPay community live broadcast room, and shared with everyone around the topic “Deflation 1.0 is on, nYFI’s road to gain”. At 10 PM on January 19, Steve Liu, Head of Global Development of NESTFANS, visited HyperPay’s overseas official Telegram, and made a wonderful sharing of “Games to Gains: The Harvest of nYFI” with the community members.

四、Operation Data

Countries that users belong to: 150+

Cumulative registered users: 1,100,000+

Users benefited from investment: 360,000+

The most popular investment currency: USDT

The most popular Investment product: DeFi Staking

Currencies of PoS mining pool: 11

Currencies support instant exchange: 28

Off-chain public-chain support: 47

On-chain public-chain support: 24

HyperMate public-chain support: 10

Digital assets stored: $1,000,000,000+



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