HyperPay Weekly Report 01/11–01/17

Dear Users,

we have updated the weekly report 01/11–01/17, read more detail as following:

一、Product progress


1.App V4.0.12 is launched

2.Supporting credit card to buy digital currency is under development

3.HyperCard supporting modifying delivery address is being tested

4.HyperCard supporting online application for freezing, unfreezing, and card replacement, etc. is under development

5.Invitation&referral optimization is sorting demand

6.Unifying message center is sorting demand

7.Overall optimization of the wealth module is sorting demand

8.Overall optimization of PoS Staking is sorting demand

9.Overall optimization of BitEarn is sorting demand


1.Scan & receive address business reconstruction is launched

2.BTC&TRX transfer interface optimization is launched

3.Supporting HecoChain is completed

4.Supporting HecoChain Dapp is completed

5.HyperMate homepage revision is under development

6.OkexChain currency access is in R&D

二、Operation Dynamics

1. HyperPay on-chain wallet has launched Heco

HyperPay officially launched the Huobi ECO chain Heco on January 14, 2020, and launched Channels, LendHub, Mdex, HTC.HASH, CircleSwap, AnySwap, Filda and other Huobi ecological chain DApps at the same time.

2. DeFi Fixed investment has launched ETH and USDT investment products

HyperPay off-chain wallet launched the DeFi fixed investment product on January 13, 2020, supporting USDT and ETH investment. Fundraising was completed on January 16, and it has now entered the mining stage.

三、Market dynamics

1. HyperPay and Huobi ECO chain Heco reached a strategic partnership

HyperPay on-chain wallet now supports Heco, the Huobi ECO chain, and the Heco DApps. Welcome to experience!

HyperPay will fully support the construction and development of the Huobi ECO chain Heco, and jointly create a sustainable blockchain ecosystem that empowers each other.

Huobi Eco Chain Heco is a decentralized, high-efficiency and energy-saving public chain. It is the first product launched on the Huobi Open Platform. On the basis of supporting high-performance transactions, it realizes the compatibility of smart contracts.

2. The 13th “HyperPay Focus” AMA was held successfully!

On January 14, Bitrise Capital Investment Director Kobe, ChainCapital Partner Jibai, and BlockWater Capital Partner&Bibox co-founder Aries guested on “HyperPay Focus” live broadcast room, around the topic of “Chinese New Year is approaching, will Bitcoin retell the old story?” sharing their investment experience and investment advice with the community partners.

“HyperPay Focus” is a high-end live dialogue column in the blockchain vertical field created by the HyperPay team. The column invites industry leaders, KOLs, technical experts, potential and star projects to share industry hotspots, latest technologies, and market conditions. In the future, we will continue to focus on the industry and bring more exciting sharing to everyone. We welcome people in the industry to join us to discuss the industry layout and future development.

四、Operation Data

Countries that users belong to: 150+

Cumulative registered users: 1,100,000+

Users benefited from investment: 360,000+

The most popular investment currency: USDT

The most popular Investment product: DeFi Staking

Currencies of PoS mining pool: 11

Currencies support instant exchange: 28

Off-chain public-chain support: 47

On-chain public-chain support: 24

HyperMate public-chain support: 10

Digital assets stored: $1,000,000,000+



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