HyperPay series airdrop activity tutorial

- “HyperPay & OpenLeverage USDT Airdrop Rewards Claim” operation case

  1. Download app https://www.hyperpay.tech/app_down?type=

2. Enter HyperPay On-chain Wallet

What is an On-chain Wallet?

On-chain Wallet are wallet on the original chain, that is, all transactions are based on blockchain and can be checked in the blockchain browser. In other words, users’ transaction information is stored in the blockchain, rather than in the mobile terminal or a server terminal as previously understood. Therefore, the wallet on the chain requires the user to keep the password, private key and mnemonic words. And this information also represents your absolute ownership and management of the assets on the chain.

HyperPay will not store any user’s security information including wallet address, password, private key, mnemonic phrases or password.

HyperPay’s staff will never request any user to provide password, private key, or mnemonic phrase under any circumstance. Users must keep their own information safe and should not disclose these to anyone else. Whoever gets your private key or mnemonic phrase and password can obtain full access to your assets.

Method ①: through the app home page, select 1 on-chain wallet and click 2 to experience it immediately;

Method ②: click 3 personal centers on the home page of the managed wallet, and click 4 to switch to the on-chain wallet mode;

3. Create wallet or restore / import original Wallet

The difference between self managed identity and On-chain Wallet: both are self managed wallets (mnemonics or private keys are managed and backed up by users themselves). HyperPay will not store mnemonics and private keys of any user’s self managed wallet.

You only need a set of 12 English mnemonics to create or reply to self managed identity. Self managed identity supports a set of mnemonics to manage the assets on the chain of multiple main chains. This is because a mnemonic word can generate infinite private keys. You can understand that a mnemonic word is the root of a tree, on which many branches can grow, and each leaf is a private key; HyperPayself managed identity uses different branches in different currencies, which is why a mnemonic word can manage all wallet addresses under self managed identity.

The imported self-management wallet is the existing wallet on the chain imported by the user by filling in the wallet private key, which is convenient for users of other digital wallets to use HyperPay. For the security of wallet asset isolation, the On-chain Wallet and self managed identity support the use of two different sets of password management, which you can set as needed. Note: the imported wallet cannot be backed up by mnemonic words of self-management identity, so please keep the private key in mind after importing to avoid asset loss. Or use the mutual transfer function between wallets to transfer assets to self managed identities, and facilitate management and preservation through a set of mnemonics.

Method ①: create Wallet

Click 5 and 6 to select identity wallet (more convenient) and single chain wallet. Take identity wallet as an example, select the frequently used public chain at 7 and click OK; Enter the information at 8, copy the mnemonic words (please be sure to store them safely to prevent the loss of assets), confirm the mnemonic words, and complete the creation.

Method ②: restore / import the original Wallet

Click 9 and 10, select the chain to import in 11 (or identity wallet), take the BSC chain as an example, fill in the corresponding information in 12, and import your own confidential mnemonic or private key.

4. Click 13 discovery page in the lower right corner, and click 14 HyperPay airdrop;

5. Drop down and click the activity “HyperPay & OpenLeverage USDT Airdrop Rewards Claim”;

6. Enter the following page to see the detailed activity introduction, complete the airdrop task according to the activity introduction, and click 15 to receive the airdrop reward;

Note: because the usdt of airdrop awards may be different chains, you can see which chain is carried out on the activity page. It is recommended to submit the lottery address according to the activity requirements when participating in the activity, and switch to the corresponding public chain when receiving the award.



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