HyperPay Monthly Progress Update


Here is our monthly progress update for August.

HyperPay ELF ‘Super Lock Event: Round 2’ Drew To a Successful Close

HyperPay and renowned project development team AELF have reached a strategic partnership. To celebrate that, we held 2 rounds of ‘ELF Superlock Party’ promotion events.

The 2nd round ‘ELF Superlock Party’ campaign starts at UTC+8 20 July 28 15:00 sharp, with 15-day lock period and 2.5% reward rate(equals to 60% annualized reward rate).

As 200,000 ELF quota claimed in 3days, this promotion has concluded successfully. All the rewards will be distributed after the lock.

Thanks for the continued support to HyperPay, please stay tuned for more offers&packages.

HyperPay will Support Hcash mainnet Upgrade and Token Swap

Hcash will commence mainnet upgrade to fully implementing the quantum resistant feature. The updated Hcash will work in collaboration with HX(HyperExchange) to form an interlinked, bifocal dual-token, dual-chain structure, presenting cross-chain and smart contract functions.

The mainnet upgrade will end at the block height 938888 around 8 August(UTC+8). HyperPay will support the upgrade and token swap. Details will be released soon.

HyperPay3.0, a New “Duo-Wallets” Era for Blockchain

Welcome to the “Duo-Wallets” Epoch!

After 3-month research and development, we have released the HyperPay 3.0. Yes, you read that right! The new version skipped the 2.0 version and jumped to the 3.0 directly.

HyperPay 3.0 is the biggest update since launch, many new functions are introduced, including On-chain wallet. With our off-chain wallet, we have created a “Duo-wallet” ecosystem. The on-chain and off-chain wallet is mutual transferable, you can hold 2 wallets in 1 app.

Other new functions include:

BitEarn — Grow your day by day with maximum flexibility.

Wealth — Invest your assets like fiat, only in HyperPay.

PoS Pool — Benchmark-beating PoS reward rate, support multiple tokens.

LeekICO Integration — Deep integration with renowned platform

HPY tokens Swap to HSR Mainnet

The Hcash (HSR) mainnet has been officially initiated. HPY tokens will swap from the current Qtum-based mainnet to it when it getstable.

HPY tokens will provide the following functions:

· Payment: HPY will become the core payment method for series products, including paying fees, global product purchases, service consumption, and award redemption.

·Games: HPY tokens can deposit game cards and strengthen character attributes, making you invincible.

· Credit Mortgage: HPY tokens can be used as a credit line to obtain more products and rewards.

HyperPay Supports Hcash (HSR) Mainnet Swap

Since the Hcash (HSR) mainnet is initiated,We will swap your HSR tokens to the new HC(HyperCash) tokens for you on 1:1 ratio.

We have suspended HSR withdrawal, but you can still deposit your HSR tokens. We will swap the tokens according to Hcash Foundation rules.

HC (HyperCash) deposit and withdrawal services will be initiated after token swap is complete and mainnet is stable.

HyperPay 3.0 Press Conference is on the way!

After an intensive preparation, we will hold a press release conference on 11th August 2018 at 19:00 UTC+8 (Beijing Time) in the Collinstar Capital Siheyuan in Citic Jinyuan, Beijing. Looking forward to your participation!

Celebrating HyperPay 3.0 Launch! Depositing HPY Tokens to Get 15 Candies.

To celebrate the release of HyperPay3.0 and thank our long-term supporters, HyperPay wallet will airdrop 15 crypto currencies (including HCASH, QTUM, DASH, DCR,USDT ) to HPY token holders from August 10, 2018 to August 16, 2018.

Snapshot time:

16 August 2018,9:00pm (Beijing)

What you need to do:

1.Deposit your HPY tokens in our wallet during the event(August 10, 2018 to August 16, 2018).

2.Make sure there are at least 1000000 HPY tokens in HyperPay wallet before the snapshot.

3.Please allow 2 days for the transfer of HPY tokens and do not deposit or withdraw tokens within 2 hours before or after the snapshot time. Usually it takes half hour for the transfer to be completed. Contact our customer service if you encounter any transfer issue.

What we will do:

We will do a snapshot in our wallet and distribute proportionally to the accounts that hold 1000000 HPY tokens or more. All the distribution will be completed within 7days after the event.

1 Million USDT for you to Meet the One with HyperPay on Chinese Valentine’s Day

Chinese Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Good at creating romance, we have prepared a perfect gift for you and your special one.

We launch a Friends Fund promotion to encourage you to share your happiness with your dear friends. From 13 August 2018 to 13 September 2018, adding friends in our wallet and at least completing a transfer of more than 817 RMB, you will share a total of 1,000,000 Fund USDTs according to the number of your HyperPay friends .

Bitearn also start to support USDT, go to the page for details.

Announcement: AT (AWARE Token) Deposit & Withdrawal Service Resumed

According to the official announcement of AWARE Foundation, the Qtum-based AWARE tokens will be swapped to Ethereum-based tokens. Now the swap is completed and AT(AWARE Token) tokens’ deposit & withdrawal service is resumed.

Please add the AT tokens in the wallet first if you can’t the AT token.

Meeting Our First Financial Product:EET 14-day Investment Plan

Crypto-finance was just launched within the HyperPay3.0 last week, today we proudly revealed our first financial product,EET 14-day Investment Plan.

Provided by the Energy Eco Chain Foundation and supported by HyperPay wallet, this amazing plan has an annualized return of 12.05% and a daily return of 0.033%. With 14 lock-up days, the plan’s interest will be issued every day, and the principal will be returned after the lock period.

EET’s current token balance income will be issued as usual, however lower than the investment plan. The EET coin invested in the plan will no longer receive the current token balance income.

HyperPay’s Forthcoming New Feature:Shared Wallet

After launching the On-chain wallet in last week, HyperPay immediately swings into the development of the new feature — shared wallet.

A shared wallet with multi-signatures means that the wallet has multiple private keys and requires several private keys’ signature to open it. Therefore, the security of the assets is greatly improved, made it a perfect choice for corporate users.

The design of HyperPay shared wallet has been completed, and its development is in full swing.

Join Our Second Round EOS Lock Party to Get 60 % Annualized Interest

HyperPay started the second round ”Sweet EOS” limited time Lock Party, with an extremely high reward.

The event was held in 26 August 2018,20:00(UTC+8) with 30 days lock period.

Users who participated the lock party would get a 5% monthly reward and 60% annualized interest. There are 10000 EOS in total for this event, each user can lock up to 200 EOS. The supply is limited and subject to availability.

HyperPay Available in BeeStore and BybStore

Through unremitting efforts, HyperPay is now available on two well-known blockchain APP platforms, BeeStore and Bybstore.

“Celebrating Chinese Valentine Day to Get HPY” Promotion Successfully Concluded

HyperPay launched the “Celebrating Chinese Valentine Day to Get HPY” promotion. On the day of Chinese Valentine, any users who transfer money to friends, regardless the amount, would receive 52.1 HPY tokens.

All the rewards were released on the afternoon of August 22.

Announcement: 15 Candies Rewards Released

To celebrate the release of HyperPay3.0, HyperPay wallet airdropped 15 crypto currencies to HPY token holders from August 10, 2018 to August 16, 2018. Any users who hold at least 1000000 HPY tokens in the wallet before the snap-time would get 15 candies,including:


All the rewards were released on the morning of 29 August.


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