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HyperPay|Making Good Use of Intelligent Investment, Profiting in the Downturn Market

A global recession due to idiosyncratic factors is a foregone conclusion, followed by inflation, which also means that the money we hold in our hands has quietly shrunk. So, how can ordinary people fight inflation? The first choice is undoubtedly to invest and let money beget money. The least upheld thing in investment is being greed, so bots who can automatically execute intelligent investment strategies are a good method for investors to keep rational when making a decision.

The three products, stable-profit intelligent auto investment plan, AI-enhanced arbitrage bot and shark option trading launched by the HyperPay platform, adopt a variety of intelligent investment strategies, which have the advantages of fast calculation, rational execution and quick spotting on investment opportunities, as well as simple one-click operation and ideal profits.

Stable-profit intelligent auto investment plan — the only choice for novice and busy investors

Fund auto investment is an investment strategy which averages the prepared capital into a designated fund product on a fixed date. This strategy has been used in traditional financial investment for many years, and is highly sought after by investors because of its simple, effective and stable.

Stable-profit intelligent auto investment plan is a fund auto investment product that HyperPay is dedicated to creating for digital asset. In addition to the traditional Dollar Cost Averaging strategy, it also provides an upgraded version, Dollar Cost Non-averaging, which means the investment amount is not fixed, but being automatically adjusted according to the market trend, simply put, investing more when it is low, and investing less when it is high, so as to further dilute the investment cost.

We all know that there’s always a better moment to get into the market, but with stable-profit intelligent auto investment plan, it becomes possible. The strategy uses statistical analysis of the historical fluctuations of token prices and market sentiment based on big data to intelligently get a time and autocratically calculate the investment coefficient. At the same time, based on the quantitative indicators verified by a large number of real-time test data, it is making judgement on the price place of whether it is high or low to determine the investment amount, investing more when it is low, and less when it is high.

In the stable-profit intelligent auto investment plan, rational data analysis is everything, which helps investors overcome the nature of greed and fear, and effectively avoid losses caused by emotional decision without much consideration. In our records, the 3-year auto investment in BTC has a historical profit of 32%, and the 3-year auto investment in ETH has a historical profit as high as 308%.

Stable-profit intelligent auto investment plan is characterized by low threshold, easy to use, one-click configuration, simple and convenient, conducive to risk diversification and high Sharpe ratio. Although the rate of return is not very high in the digital asset market, it is stable. It can not only accumulating assets, but also help investors to develop a good habit of saving, which is very suitable for novice and busy investors.

AI-enhanced arbitrage bot — stable profits regardless of market fluctuation

For veteran investors, arbitrage has been a common way to make profits, but it is difficult to ensure stability all the time. In view of this, HyperPay has launched an AI-enhanced arbitrage bot to help investors keep their profit stable no matter when market goes up or down.

The AI-enhanced arbitrage bot is an intelligent arbitrage fixed product that integrates cutting-edge financial technology launched by the HyperPay. In the case that a token has two prices in the market, the bot automatically buys at the lower price and sells at the higher price. The investment strategy is to automatically places orders to obtain the benefits from price imbalances from different markets or any other forms. The AI-enhanced arbitrage bot allows users to flexibly choose to increase or decrease leverage for intelligent arbitrage to enhance the user’s arbitrage profits.

It should be highlighted here that the AI-enhanced arbitrage bot’s strategies are not homogeneous, but include defi interest rate arbitrage, defi cross-DEX arbitrage, flash loan arbitrage, cross-exchange arbitrage, futures arbitrage, cross-period arbitrage, statistical arbitrage, long-short strategy, option arbitrage, ETF arbitrage, etc.

With such a complex set of arbitrage strategies, the AI-enhanced arbitrage bot can better grasp opportunities, trade instantly, and never miss a chance to earn for investors.

The historical profits of AI-enhanced arbitrage bot strategies in the past three years have all exceeded 20%. Regardless of market fluctuations, stable profits can be obtained, and it is independent of market trends, risks can be controlled. Moreover, HyperPay promises a 100% guarantee on capital and and a 5% investment profit.

Shark option trading — capital-guaranteed product

If you are a conservative investor and the least thing you would like to see is the loss of your initial investment capital, the capital-guaranteed structured investment product, shark option trading is recommended. Shark option is one of the first-choice capital-guaranteed products launched by financial institutions. It has a simple investment method and is commonly used in bank investment, securities companies, funds, etc. It is also very suitable for crypto digital assets.

Shark option trading provides customization according to users’ personal investment goals and risk preference. The average annualized rate of shark option is in the range of 2% to 20%. If the investor sets the initial investment capital to not suffer losses, there is also a guaranteed minimum profit of 2%.

Investors can deposit stablecoins such as USDT or USDC in shark option trading who will select the corresponding plan based on price expectations, and use the volatility of the selected cryptocurrency to help investors earn considerable profits in the range-bound market.

Investors can steadily obtain considerable profits that are higher than the market average, and there is no fear of market volatility. It is an ideal choice for short/long investment.

The development history of crypto digital assets is rapid, so the market is still fragmented and inefficient. The emergence of intelligent investment strategies has brought new paths for investment in crypto digital assets, allowing investors, especially retail investors who lack professional investment knowledge, to have the opportunity to get more excess returns.

60 days, to share million-valued bonuses

In order to encourage and reward new and old investment users, HyperPay has launched the 60 Days, to Share Million-valued Bonuses event.

Participate in the fixed investment (60 days) of Auto Investment Plan, AI-enhanced Arbitrage Bot and Shark Option Trading in HyperPay wallet from November 10 to December 9 (USDT, BTC and ETH are supported),

To win great bonuses:

Bonus 1: Apple MacBook Air (13-inch 512G) for depositing an equivalent amount of 300,000 USDT

Bonus 2: iPhone 13 (512G) for depositing an equivalent amount of 200,000 USDT

Bonus 3: iPad Air (10.9-inch 64G) for depositing an equivalent amount of 100,000 USDT

Bonus 4: HyperMate Pro for depositing an equivalent amount of 30,000 USDT

Bonus 5: HyperMate G for depositing an equivalent amount of 20,000 USDT

Bonus 6: HyperCard Physical (Mastercard) for depositing an equivalent amount of 3,000 USDT

Bonus 7: 2000USDT to share by users who deposit less than 1000USDT


1) The price of BTC and ETH is taken from the price at the time of deposit.

2) A user can deposit repeatedly during the participation time, and the bonus is given based on the total deposit amount of a single account.

3) When the user’s deposit amount reaches the threshold for Bonuses (1–5), the user will be rewarded with the highest one, and also a HyperCard Physical card.

4) When applying for HyperCard (virtual card), the user needs to provide a passport application.

5) After the activity, the official HyperPay staff will contact the winning users to deliver the prizes, please remember to check your message.

6) HyperPay reserves all the rights of final interpretation.

Free consulting services for immigration, real estate and other information

Some countries are increasingly strengthening supervision on the crypto digital currency market, which is a very difficult issue for those who are planning to invest in crypto digital currency for a long time. In order to ensure the long-term and feasibility of digital asset investment, many people began to choose to migrate. However, in the process of immigration, there are a series of complex problems and procedures that most people cannot solve by themselves.

Therefore, HyperPay has launched a major client equity worth 10,000 Canadian dollars. As long as one of the following four conditions is met, you can enjoy free consulting services for immigration, real estate and other information:

1. New user purchases investment products for the first time and the amount reaches an equivalent amount of 1,000 USDT.

2. The size of storage assets reaches an equivalent amount of 200,000 USDT.

3. The average daily balance of the account in the past 1 month is more than an equivalent amount of 10,000 USDT.

4. One-time purchase of investment products with an equivalent amount of 50,000 USDT or more.

The HyperPay platform is equipped with a professional migration consultant team to provide full-process consultation to users who are planning to move to North America, Canada, the United States and other places. The platform also prepares discount coupons for consulting service fees of varying denominations and cash discount coupons for global real estate purchases for major clients.

In addition, HyperPay also provides personal customized virtual asset management services for major clients. According to the financial needs of users at different stages, HyperPay designs a set of comprehensive virtual asset planning and various virtual asset financial management solutions to scientifically and effectively manage users’ virtual assets, to reduce risks and realize the appreciation of assets.

At present, migration, real estate consulting services and personal customized virtual asset management services are still under construction. In the future, we will launch more rights and interests on a quarterly basis to provide more sound and high-quality services for major clients.

The dividends of the times are always reserved for vanguards. If you want to obtain good and long-term stable profits in the current digital asset investment, these three intelligent investment products of HyperPay are worth trying. Free consulting services for immigration, real estate and other information are also in full swing, and for service details, please go to the HyperPay official website for consultation contacts.

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