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HyperPay Initially Launches “AI Financial Products”, Providing North America Migration and Property Planning Services to Key Customers

HyperPay launches “AI Financial Products” this November. Through professional AI intelligent analysis and accurate data capture, it uses a variety of intelligent investment strategies to give professional financial advice and products to investors with different needs, so that all customers can obtain ideal income.

At the same time, HyperPay is committed to providing users with global payment solutions, and hereby provides North America immigration or property purchase planning services to provide high-end customers with one-stop customized solutions from immigration, investment and property purchase, overseas identity planning, global development and other aspects.

Participating users: all HyperPay Wallet users

Rules of activity: From November 10, participate in the purchase of HyperPay AI financial products such as “Intelligent Auto Investment, AI Arbitrage, and Shark Option”, and meet one of the following conditions:

1. New users who first purchase HyperPay AI financial products reach deposit of 1,000 USDT equivalent amount;

2. The scale of deposit reaches 200,000 USDT equivalent amount;

3. The daily average balance of the deposit within a month above 10,000 USDT equivalent amount;

4. One-time purchase of AI financial products above 50,000 USDT equivalent amount.

We will offer professional immigration consulting services provided by the North American immigration consulting team and immigration service coupons worth 10,000 CAD.

Number of equity: 1,000

Users’ qualification for obtaining consultation and coupons:

1. HyperPay officially reviews whether the user’s account balance meets the conditions for free consultation and coupon issuance;

2. For those who meet the conditions, HyperPay will issue the coupon code and the contact information of the immigration consultant by mail;

3. Write off coupons;

4. Free consultation.

About service process:

1. Users add Telegram, or What’s app accounts of professional consultants to get a preliminary understanding of the customer’s education background, work experience, English level and other information, and propose the possible direction of the preliminary immigration plan.

2. Users can use the service fee deduction service code (10,000 CAD in the total immigration service fee deduction) to confirm the signing of the contract.

3. Users follow the steps of the technology/investment immigration service. The whole family benefits from handling the business.

4. Except for the designated provincial entrepreneurs who invest in immigration, they do not need English scores, and other immigration projects need corresponding IELTS English scores.

About the rights and interests of this activity:

1. Free charge of professional consultants of Canadian licensed companies;

2. Only one immigration service coupon (10,000 CAD) can be used per person, and each coupon code can only be used once;

3. The list of users eligible for the above benefits or qualifications is designated by HyperPay platform;

4. Immigration consultation and follow-up services are provided unilaterally by the Canadian licensed immigration company, and the rights and interests of customers are protected by Canadian immigration laws.

5. HyperPay team reserves the right of final interpretation of this activity

Contact Info: marketing@hyperpay.tech

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