HyperPay Global Agent Recruitment Program

2 min readFeb 9, 2023

In order to allow more agents to better enjoy HyperPay’s products and benefits, we hereby recruit HyperPay agents for HyperMate hardware wallets and HyperCard crypto bank cards from investment enthusiasts. Once recruited, online agents can enjoy up to 30% rebate and super benefits, and offline agents are provided with the best wholesale price of 50% off!

1. Eligibility

Whether you are a community leader, an individual KOL, or a cryptocurrency enthusiast, we sincerely welcome you to participate in this special recruitment. If you meet all the requirements as follows,

A. More than 2 years experience in cryptocurrency trading

B. Loyal fan and long-time supporter of HyperPay, familiar with HyperCard, HyperMate products.

C. Have your own social media account or community, or personal sale channels

Waiting no more to join this agent recruitment program and enjoy high rebates and benefits.

2. Agent benefits

A. Online agents can enjoy up to 15% sales rebates which can be withdrawn at any time after the order is completed, and at the same time, they can enjoy friends’ investment rebate rewards, etc.!

B. Offline agents are offered the best wholesale price, the lowest discount to 50%. It also supports dropshipping, protecting them from overstock. For details, you can communicate with the official staff.

C. According to the sales amount, you can enjoy additional monthly and annual sales incentives. That’s up to an extra of 15% sales rebate, and up to an extra of 30% online sales rebate!

D. According to personal influence, there will be right for free trial of HyperPay’s latest products (HyperCard and HyperMate).

E. Exclusive promotional activities supported by the official, and exclusive customer service to solve user pre-sales and after-sales consultation for you.

F. For a long-term cooperative relationship, the official will provide you with the most complete product promotion materials.

3. Agent responsibilities

Have a personal sales channel (not limited to online and offline), have a certain influence and base of followers in the crypto field, and can continue to bring orders to HyperCard. Distributors must establish a good HyperPay brand image externally, and all cooperation will be terminated once found the distributor has any behavior that damages the HyperPay brand image.

4. Notices

A. Program time: long-term

B. Online agent: 15% rebate on the sales and the invitation commission on friend’s income to enjoy once joining this program. The rebate period: permanent.

Offline agent: Fill in the Google form, sign up your personal information, and HyperPay official staff will get in touch with you.

C.HyperPay reserves all the right of final interpretation for this recruitment program.

Google form English: https://forms.gle/EG1pMUXGFTkXefFJA