HyperPay Giveaway 2500USDT to 50 Lucky Users!

Jul 18, 2022

Complete all the tasks, fill out the google form, and win 50 USDT reward!

1. Join HyperPay official Telegram group :https://t.me/HyperPay_En

2. Download and register the HyperPay app with your email,HyperPay download link:https://hyperpay.io/

3. Receive 5000U free bonus in HyperPay and use it to invest.

Please use your email to log in to the HyperPay, and click “Investment”, then slide the ads banner and choose “New User Bonus”

After entering the interface, click “Recieve Now”

Then you can use the bonus to subscribe the exclusive high-yield crypto financial products.

When you complete the above operations, you need to upload this screenshot to Google Forms to get rewards

5000U cannot be withdrawn, but all the interests generated by the bonus can be traded or withdrawn.

4. Fill in the Google Form:





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