HyperPay Focus: YooShi — Steam of the Blockchain Game

“HyperPay Focus” AMA was held on October 29th at 23: 00 (UTC+8) in HyperPay Official Telegram (https://t.me/HyperPay_En). The theme of the special session is “ YooShi — Steam of the Blockchain Game”. HyperPay invited Chikyu Bae, the CEO of YooShi Labs to share his views.

The Following is the Content of AMA

1. Can you give us an introduction to help us understand YooShi?

Chikyu Bae: YOOSHI: NFT-based platform for IDO, game incubating and games launching platform.

YooShi has three major sections:

a.YooShi GamePad

YooShi GamePad is the first NFT-based gaming IDO platform. YooShi GamePad will allow gaming developers to raise funds by pre-selling unique in-game assets in the form of NFT.

b.YooShi Labs

YooShi GameFi Labs is an independent game incubator in the Web3.0 Era. It provides game developers with the complete GameFi game design system and technical support to help the game developers to finish blockchain game development more easily.

c.Play To Earn Guild Alliance

P2EGA is the Play-to-Earn gaming guild alliance. It hopes to help millions of low-income people to gain more profits through “Play-to-Earn” games and bring more users into the game.

YooShi:NFT,farm and incubation project participation privileges based on own deflation model.

YooShi NFT: With YooShi NFT, players can stake to participate in Farm and there are NFT minting activities. In addition, in the last project StarMon, those who hold YooShi NFT and meet the corresponding requirements have enjoyed the privilege of blind box purchase.

$YOOSHI: $YOOSHI can be staked in Farms. In addition, YooShi will charge 10% fee for each transaction, which will be used to subsidize the mining pool, repurchase and reallocation. Also, it will also be burned when the YOOSHI holding address meets the corresponding requirements.

Projects incubated by YooShi

IDO: The GamePad of the three sectors mentioned above allows game developers to raise money by pre-selling in-game assets in the form of NFT.

Games Launching Platform: Players can enter the game through the specific YooShi interface and enjoy that.

YooShi Game Guild: YooShi will form its own guild, leading guild members to enjoy funny games.

NFT: Trading and auctioning in the NFT market

2. At present, the price of $YOOSHI is increasing crazily. This is related to YooShi’s tokenomics. Can you tell us in details?

Chikyu Bae: YooShi’s model : 10% fee will be charged for each transaction, which is distributed to YooShi holders and injected into NFT Farm at a ratio of 4% and 3%.The other 3% will be generally sold for BNB to add liquidity with the other half injected into pool. I recently saw an article about YooShi.That’s accurate. $YOOSHI is included in everywhere.

1. Auction:The platform will charge 20% from bidding commission as service fee, 50% of which will be swapped into $YOOSHI and burned.

2. Market: The handling fee is 3% of the transaction amount, of which 50% will be burned.

3. Blind Box: 10% of the $BNB will be swap into $YOOSHI on the market and 50% of which will be burned.

4. Trading $YOOSHI will incur the 10% transaction fee.

5. DNAxCAT Marketplace: 1.5% goes to YooShi agreement maintenance fee,50% of which will be swapped into YOOSHI and been burned.

6. YooShi Family:The BNB obtained by public auction will be automatically swapped into $YOOSHI, 40% of which will enter the NFT mining pool, 50% will be burned.

That’s the burning mechanisms.

3. YooShi has been promoting partners on Twitter, and the number of YooShi Friends has been increasing. What does this mean for YooShi?

Chikyu Bae: Friends part has been updated and classified. You can see that YooShi has carried out many cooperation announcements in Twitter. While carrying out deeper cooperation with existing partners, YooShi will expand more partnerships. Classification of YooShi Friends: Friends, Media, Community, Venture Capital, YooShi Games, Security Audit.

It means YooShi can become friends with more organizations and YooShi’s development will be better in the future

4. The YooShi ecosystem is still in early stages, So how can players and investors participate in YooShi’s ecosystem?

Chikyu Bae: Players can participate YooShi in the following ways:


YooShi: NFT-based game IDO, game incubating and games launching platform. Incubating projects and the change in positioning are all to give YOOSHI more energy. Through careful observation, you can find that the blind box sales, market sales and auction in NFT market are all associated with $YOOSHI. And there always some of the funds flowing into YooShi from auctions, rebates and the auction of blind boxes of the original incubated projects.

YooShi NFT

The YooShi NFT was also mentioned earlier: YooShi has its own NFT which can be staked and also has minting gameplay. In addition, the round is added to the blind box purchase of StarMon, the second project incubated by YooShi. It is specially prepared for players who meet the mining power requirements of YooShi NFT. This is also a benefit for YooShi community members proposed by the YooShi team and the StarMon.

Projects incubated by YooShi

The projects are also related to YooShi and many novices get to know YooShi through the projects incubated by YooShi. Although YooShi maintains an independent relationship with its incubation projects, the YooShi team will also give some suggestions and help solve some problems during the game development process. Therefore, some of YooShi’s attributes will be implied in the incubated project, and users participation in YooShi incubated project will also make a certain contribution to the deflation of $YOOSHI and the expansion of the ecology.

5. Can you give us some insight on the planning of YooShi?

Chikyu Bae: a.Incubating more projects

b.Cooperating with more partners

c.Game guild: YooShi will establish its own guild and recruit established game guilds or individuals.This will be a huge expansion of the ecology and become the moat of YooShi ecology. It will also become one of the charms of YooShi to attract more high-quality projects to participate in the ecology of YooShi.

d.YooShi 3.0 upgrade: The website will undergo a major upgrade and transformation. By then, the development direction of YooShi will be clearer. More in-game item trading markets will be opened, more cooperation will be announced by officially and larger scale marketing,etc.

[Questions from HyperPay users]

1. Yooshi community is growing, so how can we help as users and How can we contribute for your success together with community?

Chikyu Bae: At present, many novices have joined YooShi family. i hope you can help them solve some problems. Let more people learn YooShi,at the same time.

2. Will it be listed on the market like CMC binance and other big platforms shortly?

Chikyu Bae: Everything is possible.In order to succeed in everything, it is necessary to work hard.

“HyperPay Focus” is a high-end live dialogue column in the blockchain vertical field created by the HyperPay team. The column will invite industry leaders, KOLs, technology giants, potential and star projects to share industry hot spots, the latest technology, and market conditions. Pay attention to the focus of the industry and discuss the layout and future development of the industry.




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