“HyperPay Focus” section 21: Demystifying the “Behind-the-Scenes” of the Blockchain Game and NFT Boom

The Following is the Content of AMA

1. First of all, please give a brief introduction to your respective projects, and what is the current progress? (Animoca Brands, The Sandbox, Gamee)

  • Total All Time Volume of over $48M USD
  • Most expensive LAND sold for 3.5M $SAND in July 2021 (approx $850,000 usd)
  • $SAND is a Top 100 cryptocurrency according to CoinMarketCap; listed on 25+ global exchanges and with a $2B fully diluted market cap
  • Over 350,000+ Wallets created, 50% of them creating one for the first time
  • Over 10,000 LAND owners
  • 450 Artists and 54 studios are supported by The Sandbox Game Maker fund worldwide
  • Paid over 1,300,000 $SAND to Creators and have 285M SAND in our Foundation (equivalent to $250M as of August 2021)

2. What is the relationship between chain games and Metaverse? What contribution will it make to the development of Metaverse? (The Sandbox, Gamee)

3. What do you think is the biggest challenge/difficulty facing current blockchain games? (Animoca Brands,The Sandbox, Gamee)

4. What are your views on the future development of chain games? (Animoca Brands,The Sandbox, Gamee)


1. Animoca Brands is a leader in digital entertainment, blockchain, and gamification, and Animoca Brands has published many well-known games: The Sandbox, Crazy Kings, and Crazy Defense Heroes; and products utilizing popular intellectual properties including Marvel, WWE, and Doraemon. We all know that Animoca has invested in many projects, and these projects are awesome. What is your investment strategy? Do you have any investment advice?

2. What are the interesting events scheduled for REVV recently?

3. What are the advantages of REVV? How to attract players to become loyal game users?

[The Sandbox]

1. Recently, I saw that the official Sandbox account spent 4.5ETH on Opensea to purchase the Chinese-made NFT project Rivermen. This is also the first time an overseas organization has purchased a Chinese-made NFT project. What kind of opportunity was there to make this decision?

2. What do you think is the biggest difference between traditional games and chain games? How to transform traditional games into the Gamefi field?

  • Resource Collector/Farmer: Collect specific valuable in-game resources as NFTs that can be exchanged on the marketplace
  • Virtual Architect: Create the scenery and environment of experiences, placing buildings and landscapes
  • Curator: Discover, review, and select content other players will find enjoyable
  • Virtual Real Estate Agent: Operate as a broker connecting buyers and sellers for virtual LAND NFTs
  • Event Planner: Organize and promote activities and events, recruiting players to virtually attend

3. Sandbox’s previous cooperation with the comic “The Walking Dead” was also very successful. Can you briefly introduce the situation of this cooperation?


1. What do you think of the social and interactive nature of the game? How does GAMEE reflect this aspect?

2. GAMEE has completed the ICO, what is the role of the token in the Gamee game?

3. Could you introduce how to participate and how to play Gamee products?



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