HyperPay Exclusive Constellation NFT, Free to Receive on NSpace

HyperPay offers free exclusive constellation NFT on NSpace, 0 handling fee, limited to 1000 in total. Let’s see who is lucky to get his own birthday constellation card?

The airdrop lasts for 10 days, the top 100 will be rewarded each day

Event Period: October 12, 2021 — October 21, 2021

This colection of Constellation NFTs can be traded freely on NSpace.

1. Follow HyperPay and NSpace on Twitter, retweet the airdrop poster and @ 3 friends.

2. Join NSpace Telegram community.

3. Download HyperPay: https://www.hyperpay.tech/app_down , and create a BSC address on HyperPay on-chain wallet.

4. Register for a NSpace account (the email used for registration must be consistent with the email linked to HyperPay), and connect the BSC wallet address. https://nspace.shop/#/

5. Fill in the form: https://forms.gle/nKeT4cMG91PXtZjFA

1. HyperPay constellation NFT holders enjoy the quota of airdrop candies from HyperPay’s cooperative project parties.

2. The holders whose birthday is consistent with the date on the HyperPay constellation card will get an exclusive birthday gift by HyperPay (once a year).

3. HyperPay constellation NFT holders enjoy the priority participation rights in all HyperPay’s activities.

4. And other coming rights.

HyperPay reserves all the rights of interpretation for the above equities.

1. For the fairness of the activity, each address&device can only participate once.

2. All awards will be distributed in November.

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