HyperPay Distinguished Agent Recruitment Program

2 min readSep 8, 2022

In order to allow more agents to better enjoy HyperPay’s products and benefits, we hereby recruit HyperPay agents from investment enthusiasts. Once recruited, an agent can enjoy up to 20% rebate and super benefits!

1. Eligibility

Whether you are a community leader, an individual KOL, or a cryptocurrency enthusiast, we sincerely welcome you to participate in this special recruitment. If you meet all the requirements as follows,

A. More than 2 years experience in cryptocurrency trading

B. Loyal fan and long-time supporter of HyperPay, familiar with HyperCard, HyperMate products.

C. Have your own social media account or community

Waiting no more to join this agent recruitment program and enjoy high rebates and benefits.

2. Agent benefits

A. High rebate of 20% on HyperCard, HyperMate sales (immediate rebate according to the sale amount) + HyperCard’s 10%-70% invitation commission (on friend’s income part)

B. For community KOLs, HyperPay will strategically cooperate with them, assisting in promotion, sharing PR, and 10 million+ traffic exposure

C. According to personal influence, there will be right for free trial of HyperPay’s latest products (HyperCard and HyperMate).

D. Random agent-exclusive activities, priority rights for regular activities.

E. Exquisite festival peripheral gifts and special invitations to high-end offline summits.

3. Agent responsibilities

A. Thoroughgoing use of HyperMate and HyperCard, and reasonable suggestions.

B. Speak for HyperPay products on personal social media or communities, promote product information, and actively spread personal opinions.

C. Personal profile marked with HyperPay agent partners or personal community pinned with HyperPay product purchase guide for a long time.

D. Voluntarily invite new users for HyperPay and help with registration and product purchases.

4. Notices

A. Program time: long-term

B. 15% rebate on the sales and the invitation commission on friend’s income to enjoy once joining this program. The rebate period: permanent.

C.HyperPay reserves all the right of final interpretation for this recruitment program.

Follow us to learn more:

Web: https://www.hyperpay.tech/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Hyperpay_tech

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hyperpayofficial/

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