HyperPay and NFTSCAN Enters Into A Strategic Partnership

3 min readDec 21, 2021


Recently, HyperPay and NFTSCAN have reached a strategic cooperation. Developers will have in-depth cooperation in NFT asset data aggregation. HyperPay is a safe and easy-to-use multi-ecological digital wallet that provides financial services such as asset custody, wealth management, and consumer payment for global digital currency users and enterprises. The “NFT” asset section has been added in the latest version 4.1.18 of HyperPay. NFTSCAN’s OPEN API support for its NFT data. This cooperation will bring a simple and efficient NFT asset query and collection experience for HyperPay wallet users.

NFT Asset

About HyperPay:

HyperPay is the world’s first four-in-one digital asset wallet, innovatively integrating off-chain wallet, on-chain wallet, shared wallet, and hardware wallet. In the spirit of“Security, Our Fist Concern. Enhancement, the Firm Destination”, HyperPay is committed to integrating the personal finance field and the mainstream third-party platform payment field, and building a convenient and secure one-stop service platform for digital assets through continuous technological innovations, providing digital currency users and enterprises with financial services such as asset custody, wealth management, and consumer payment. It uses a digital wallet to solve all the problems related to digital cryptocurrency. HyperPay has more than 1 million users, more than $1 billion in asset management, and more than 310 million transfers.

HyperPay website: www.hyperpay.tech

HyperPay wallet:https://www.hyperpay.tech/app_down



As a professional NFT browser and data platform, NFTSCAN has fully covered the entire data of NFT assets on Ethereum. Till December 20th, NFTSCAN has collected 36.9 million NFT assets, 29151 NFT asset contracts, 66.96 million transaction records, and 12.08 million wallet addresses. NFTSCAN’s data has surpassed Opensea in terms of completeness and resolution of NFT data. For developers, NFTSCAN’s OPEN API is a better choice to integrate. The NFTSCAN’s OPEN API platform has accumulated 230+ developer accounts, including Web3.0 protocols and products like Mask Network, ShowMe, Numbers, Mintverse, Monaco, BCA, Litentry, etc, also some encrypted wallets parties like Safepal, Coinhub, and HyperPay.

NFTSCAN’s vision is to become an important blockchain infrastructure, providing industry developers with safe and stable NFT data services, providing users with simple and efficient NFT retrieval services.

NFTSCAN is a professional NFT asset browser and data analysis platform.


Open API:https://developer.nftscan.com/






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