Nov 19, 2021

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HyperPay Ambassador Recruitment Program(HARP)

What is the HyperPay Global KOL Program?

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Global Ambassador Privileges and Rewards

  1. Provide employee-level training from time to time, which including operations, products, and development;
  2. Priority to participate in activities, getting trial funds, coupons, etc.
  3. Get priority access to the HyperPay community limited derivative gifts; eligibility to participate in blockchain industry conferences, free board and lodging for participants, VIP channels for online and offline cooperation resources, etc.
  4. The high-quality content you create will be forwarded by the HyperPay official account;
  5. Have the opportunity to be introduced to the partners of HyperPay;
  6. Get first-hand important information about the project and the blockchain in the first time;
  7. As a global ambassador, you have the priority right to invest in the HyperPay ecological incubation project.
  1. Create content (product tutorials, event promotion tweet, new function operation videos, etc.) based on HyperPay wallet requirements and will receive rewards (the reward amount is determined by your workload, account quality, and content quality, and is settled according to the number of promotions); (Social Media KOL rewards)
  2. Token rewards will be given based on the number of high-quality communities, user activity, and the number of topics participating in HyperPay, which will be settled monthly; (Community KOL & Key Opinion Leader rewards)
  3. Have the opportunity to obtain the title of HyperPay “honorary ambassador” and its exclusive title NFT rewards and publish it in the official HyperPay media;
  4. Hold global ambassador influence and contribution ranking activities from time to time, and giveaway mystery awards.

Global KOL Ambassador Selection Requirements

  1. A Twitter or YouTube account with more than 7K followers;
  2. Or you are an influential person in a social media channel, able to post topic discussions and output high-quality content (including but not limited to Facebook, Discord, Reddit, news sites, TikTok, etc.);
  3. Blockchain practitioners;
  4. Willing to reach a long-term cooperation with us.
  1. Number of fans in the community (more than 3k) and activity (500);
  2. Rich experience in community management;
  3. Be able to create a HyperPay community, or conduct its community promotion, update project progress and project promotion;
  4. Able to host AMA;
  5. Be able to express in the community suggestions that help members of the entire community.
  1. Possess abundant local resources, able to independently develop HyperPay’s local business and provide market brand and operational support;
  2. Able to recommend 3–5 new partners to HyperPay every month. Can promote the connection between HyperPay and key opinion leaders. And establish a successful partnership.

Responsibilities of Global Ambassadors

  1. Jointly maintain HyperPay’s brand, values, and business development;
  2. Do not damage HyperPay’s brand image and reputation in any name or behavior;
  3. Promote the healthy development of the industry and jointly build a healthy ecological environment for HyperPay.


  1. HyperPay global ambassador needs to download and register to understand the HyperPay wallet. HyperPay wallet download link: www.hyperpay.tech/app_down
  2. HyperPay reserves the right to final interpretation of this event. HyperPay global ambassadors must abide by relevant management rules. If they violate relevant regulations, HyperPay has the right to cancel the honorary title and rights of HyperPay global ambassadors.
  3. If you are interested in this, please submit the form and we will contact you as soon as possible!

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