HyperPay Airdrop to Binance Account Bound Token holders

Sep 13, 2022


To better serve the Binance & BNB Smart Chain user community and expand its ecosystem, HyperPay is honored to announce an Airdrop event with Binance Account Bound Token holders.

🎁Total Prize Pool: 3,000 BUSD

⏰Duration: 2022/09/13 11:00–2022/09/19 11:00 UTC

✅To be eligible, you MUST:

1. The following 1000 lucky users with #BAB token id ending in 6 (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1013cyg3sm86zchwu3j9F5CANm2i9j2YNR4Kefj8Oi8U/edit#gid=0)

2. Download HyperPay APP, switch to Web3 Wallet, import the wallet address where you hold BAB

📜Reward claim steps: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Pk6YklMJ6tFs-jRcRGzStzFw2xOLTQAt1GRKdJUr_UM/edit


  1. To ensure fairness, each address & device can only claim the reward once.

2. The final interpretation right of this activity belongs to HyperPay.




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