HyperCard Sign-up Tutorial

4 min readNov 16, 2022

HyperCard is a cryptocurrency prepaid card launched by HyperBC jointly with the issuer. Its appearance has changed the payment method of the crypto asset industry. No matter for business trip, travel, transaction or cash withdrawal, it makes it possible to pay in crypto anytime, anywhere. At present, more than 176 countries and more than 50 million merchants around the world have begun to support the use of HyperCard for payment.

There are virtual cards and physical cards, which are characterized by its convenient application, low fees, high limits, and wide support of all kinds of cryptocurrencies, as well as multiple attractive rebates. The series support associations of Visa, MasterCard and UnionPay International, Euro and US dollar, global consumption and ATM withdrawals.

Compared with similar products, HyperCard has the following advantages,

Low rate: no annual fee and transaction fee for certain cards

Quick deposit: deposit & exchange promptly

Easy application: online application, easy and fast

Ultra-high limits: daily spending limit of 50,000 US dollars / no limit

Global payment: a powerful consumption system covering more than 50 million merchants in 176 countries

High rebates: sign-up bonus, deposit fee back, balance interest, referral rebate, up to 70%

1. Download HyperPay wallet APP

Download link: https://hyperpay.io

Or scan the QR code to download

2. On the homepage of the HyperPay off-chain wallet, click “HyperCard”.

3. Enter the HyperCard interface and choose the card you want.

HyperCard is divided into two types: virtual card and physical card, both support US dollar and Euro currencies. Each card type has its own characteristics and recommended usage scenarios. Please read the card introduction carefully, choose the card type that suits you, and click “Apply Now”.

4. Fill in the application information

Different card types require different information. Please follow the prompts and fill in the personal application and verification information truthfully.

5. Pay the sign-up fee

Coupons can be used when purchase the HyperCard. You can apply to become a HyperPay agent to obtain coupons, or you can participate in official events to get or share other users’ coupons’ code. After the payment is successful, the status will change to “Applying”, which means bank is reviewing.

The review result can be reported within 24 hours on working days. If the review fails, please resubmit it according to the reason for the failure. If the review is successful, the virtual card can be activated immediately for use. If it is a physical card, the application status will be updated to Card Producing. Generally, the physical card takes 1 month to be produced and send out. You can check the tracking number in the APP.

6. Activate the card

After you get the physical card, follow the activation requirements, upload a selfie with hand holding the card for activation, then you can use it after the approval.

Multiple rebates to enjoy: sign-up bonus, deposit fee back, balance interest (issued on a daily basis), referral rebate, higher the user level, higer the rebates he will get(up to 70%).

HyperCard rebates benefits is in the early stage, be the early bird, enjoy more benefits. What are you waiting for, apply for a card now!




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