HW5 Staking Genesis Sale!

3 min readSep 1, 2023

Dear users,

HyperPay is exclusively launching the HW5 Staking Genesis Sale, providing you with a fantastic opportunity to acquire HW5! While the regular issuance price of HW5 is 1 USDT, during the Genesis Sale, you will participate at an enticing 15% discount and have the chance to earn highly attractive Staking rewards!

I. Three Rounds of Genesis Sale, Spanning 15 Days

This event will be divided into three rounds, each offering a limited supply of HW5. To ensure that every participant can obtain HW5, each round will last for 4 to 6 days. Given the high demand, we anticipate that these rounds will be quickly sold out.

First Round: Exciting Launch

Date: September 5 to September 8

Allocation: 600,000 HW5

Price: 1 HW5 = 0.85 USDT

Lock-up Period: 180 days

Staking APY: 24%

Second Round: Can’t Miss

Date: September 10 to September 14

Allocation: 600,000 HW5

Price: 1 HW5 = 0.85 USDT

Lock-up Period: 180 days

Staking APY: 16%

Third Round: Final Chance

Date: September 16 to September 21

Allocation: 800,000 HW5

Price: 1 HW5 = 0.85 USDT

Lock-up Period: 180 days

Staking APY: 12%

II. Surprising Staking Rewards

Users participating in the HW5 Staking Genesis Sale will not only enjoy the 15% discount but also receive an annualized Staking yield ranging from 12% to 24%! This means that within a mere 180 days, your investment has the potential to yield up to 32%. This is a profit opportunity you can’t afford to miss!

Unprecedented Demand

Please note that due to the scarcity of HW5 and the allure of the event, the available HW5 for the Genesis Sale might be sold out quickly. To ensure your participation, it’s crucial to take actions when the event begins.

III. Notices

1. Limited quantity of HW5 available for the Genesis Sale, first come, first served.

2. The Staking lock-up period is 180 days to secure attractive yields.

3. After the event concludes, the 15% discount price will no longer be offered.

This is a unique opportunity, join the HW5 Staking Genesis Sale to benefit from both the discount and substantial Staking rewards.

Unlocked and released HW5 can be directly sold on the spot Exchange at a price of 1 USDT.

Minimum purchase of 100 HW5, maximum purchase of 20,000 HW5.

Completion of real-name identity verification and risk assessment is required before purchase.

Please carefully read “Unsupported Countries for Exchange” and “Risk Warning” before purchase.

Upon successful purchase, the purchase funds will be deducted.

After successful payment, HW5 will begin linear unlocking of principal + interest from October 1, 2023 (UTC+8), unlocking 1/180 daily, completing in 180 days. Unlocked HW5 will be directly airdropped into the user’s wallet balance.

Project Introduction:

HyperPay is the world’s first Web5 wallet, integrating “Off-chain Wallet + Web3 Wallet + Hardware Wallet + Shared Wallet” in one, providing individuals and businesses with one-stop services such as asset custody, value-added financial management, and consumption payment. It combines traditional banking and digital currency banking capabilities, bridging CeFi and DeFi application scenarios, solving all financial payment-related issues with one wallet. The HyperPay wallet is hosted by HyperBC, which has obtained compliance custody licenses, and is regularly audited by well-known security companies such as SlowMist Technology, KnownSec, CERTIK, ensuring comprehensive protection of user assets. The brand image is certified by ASCB and recognized by the International Quality Evaluation Organization (IRQAO); security technology is rated ISO 27001.

HyperPay’s Operational Achievements: Over 1.3 million registered users, over 1 million financial management users, users from 220+ countries and regions, and assets stored by users exceeding $1 billion.

HW5 is a utility token of the HyperPay Web5 Wallet, the first Web5 digital banking token. Users can freely trade the HW5 they hold in the secondary market.

Token Introduction:

HW5: The First Web5 Digital Banking Token

HW5 is the cornerstone of the HyperPay ecosystem, using the PoP (Proof of Participation) mining model, where users mine by participating in HyperPay wallet activities, including HyperCard consumption, deposit, user financial management, lending, and trading.

Top 10 Benefits of HW5: 1. Fee discounts; 2. Lending rate privileges; 3. Enhanced mining; 4. Enhanced financial management; 5. Earnings; 6. Collateral lending; 7. Payment currency function; 8. Community governance rights; 9. Locking HW5 to receive HyperCard consumption rebates; 10. Locking HW5 to receive platform fee dividends.

Sep 1st, 2023