How to Mine HFI Most Efficiently When the Mainnet Launches (Exclusive Tutorial)

What is HFI?

HFI is a protocol to help users provide liquidity to Uniswap. While providing liquidity to Uniswap, HFI can also be mined, thus users get double DeFi benefits. Moreover HFI will also launch a DeFi mining aggregator, which can optimize user return through loan protocol. Users store the assets in HFI, and its smart contract automatically searches for DeFi protocols with the highest return rate (such as Aave, Compound, and dYdX, etc.) and stakes them in the HFI protocol.

HFI Mining Rules

The mining pools that will be launched are HFI-USDT(10 times), hHC-USDT (5 times), hHC (3 times), hHPY-USDT (2 times), YMI-ETH (2 times), MINI-ETH (2 times) Times), DAI-ETH (1 times), USDC-ETH (1 times), USDT-ETH (1 times), LINK-ETH (1 times), LEND-ETH (1 times), SUSHI-ETH (1 times) , YAM v2-ETH (1 times). Each pool has a mining period of 100 days. The mined HFI is distributed in proportion to the liquidity providers.

How to mine HFI most efficiently when the mainnet launches?

Before the opening of the HFI-USDT mining pool, using hHC to mine is the most efficient. hHC-USDT mining pool 5 times the release speed, and hHC staking 3 times. hHPY-USDT mining pool 2 times the release speed.

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How to exchange hHC in HyperPay wallet and start HFI mining.


1. Obtain hHC in HyperPay wallet 1:1 asset mapping

1.1 Download HyperPay app and register a off-chain wallet account.

2. Use Uniswap to get UNI-V2 LP Tokens in HyperPay on-chain wallet

2.1 Enter ETH on-chain wallet (you need to create or import ETH wallet in HyperPay first), and confirm whether you have received HHC in ETH wallet or not. If received, click “DApp” and find Uniswap.

3. Mine HFI on

3.1 Stake Uniswap LP to mine HFI

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