How to Create Mainnet Wallet on HyperPay On-chain Wallet

Option 1: Add a single/multi-chain wallet

Download and install HyperPay app

Download link:

Open the App and create an on-chain wallet, click “Add a single-chain wallet”

Find Polygon and click it to create a single-chain wallet

Confirm to remember the wallet name and the wallet password before completing the creation

Write down the mnemonic words

Complete the creation of Polygon wallet

For any need to add new public-chain wallet, just click on-chain wallet, and repeat the steps above

Option 2: Create/restore an identity wallet

On-chain wallet covers all the public chain supported by HyperPay, but it is not displayed by default that users need to add by themselves

Click “Choose wallet”, and choose“Create/restore On-chain identity wallet”

If you already have an on-chain wallet, you can choose to import it, but if you not, create one first, the steps of “Create On-chain Identity”shown as below:

Click to enter the creation page, set the wallet name and password

Write down the mnemonic words

Complete the creation of on-chain identity wallet

If you want to display Polygon or other assets, click “Add currency” to add

Find the currency, click the “+” on the right, enter the wallet password to complete the addition

After adding it, the Polygon DApp can be directly used to receive or transfer the payment.

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