How to create an HSC wallet in HyperPay

Hoo Smart Chain, abbreviated as HSC, is a decentralized, high-efficiency and energy-saving public chain. It adheres to “excellent technology + innovation in gameplay + sustainable ecosystem”, and builds an open and shared public chain 2.0 eco with developers. As an open source blockchain project. HSC gives each participating node the same rights, which allows users to freely build decentralized applications, including DeFi, DApps, digital assets, etc. In addition, HSC can simply and efficiently realize the value interconnection of each block chain through the cross-chain module, so as to jointly build an ecosystem and a value-added system.

1. Download and install HyperPay wallet

Download link:

2. Create a HSC wallet

First, open the HyperPay app and click “DApp” at the bottom

Second, choose HSC, check the DApp on the chain, take GameDAO as an example

Third, prompt to create an HSC wallet, click “Confirm”, and you need to create an off-chain wallet to add the HSC public chain to the wallet first

Fourth, after adding successfully, you can return to the DApp page, click DApp and start to experience

Bringing the Digital Wallet into the Age of Blockchain.

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