Holiday Season Giveaway | Get a HyperMate Pro wallet worth $229 for free!

This holiday season, HyperPay is offering free HyperMate Pro wallet worth $229, and millions of gifts to be won in-app. We’re feeling festive and sharing the love, so join us now!

I. Time

December 21, 2022 — January 9, 2023

II. Eligibility

HyperPay wallet users

III. Theme

Holiday Season: Sign-up Fee Waiver

IV. Details

1. HyperCard sign-up fee waiver

During the event period, the 9th, 19th, 29th, 39th, 49th, 59th, 69th, 79th, 89th, and 99th users who sign up for a Physical HyperCard will receive a fee waiver.

During this event, all virtual cards will be opened for free, and there are multiple rebates of up to 70%, including deposit fee back, balance APY, referral rebate, etc.

Get your card here:

(Open with browser)

2. Holiday Season Giveaway

If you meet one of the following four requirements in the HyperPay wallet, you can get a HyperMate Pro wallet worth $229 for free. (Limited to the first 100 users of the event, first come first served)

(1) New users purchase fixed-term investment products for the first time and the purchase amount reaches 10,000 USDT equivalent assets;

(2) New users make a deposit for the first time and the deposit amount reaches the 100,000 USDT equivalent assets;

(3) One-time purchase of fixed-term investment products with assets equivalent to over 100,000 USDT.

User Wallet Accounts and Addresses information will be collected by Google Forms:

V. Notices

① After the event ends, the list of winners of HyperCard sign-up fee waiver GO will be reviewed by the HyperPay background and announced on the website. The free waiver will be returned to the winners’ accounts in the form of equivalent HBT tokens within 5 working days.

② For users whose storage amount during the event period meets the requirements for HyperMate wallet giveaway, please contact HyperPay customer service staff after the event ends to provide your HyperPay wallet account for review. Once verified, the HyperMate wallet reward will be issued within 5 working days.

③ HyperPay reserves all the rights of final interpretation.



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