End of Year HyperPay Brief

What a Year it Has Been

It’s coming to the close of another year and we can’t wait for 2018 to get started. The blockchain boom has been a wild ride for investors of cryptocurrency, not to mention a real catalyst for us and the all the other crypto evangelists across the globe. We have become the torchbearers for this new era of decentralised networking. We spent most of Christmas talking to relatives about which coin had solid tech, what bitcoin really does and (insert question here).

So many new players in the space and so much faith in the potential for where it may lead. It has been an incredibly motivating and encouraging few months with so many new friends made and so many others yet to be discovered.

Many point toward the rapid growth of ICOs and how the fundraising models of years past were ready for a rethink, a repositioning and a rejuvenation. The ability to be a coin trader and the benefits of being an early adopter have given rise to a new kind of investment model, one that will bare fruit in so many ways yet unrealised. Allegiances are being formed and innovators across the globe and being seeded with a revived confidence and enthusiasm not seen from VCs since the pre-GFC era.

HyperPay has taken the blockchain ball and run with it. We have been lucky to be located in a city with a burgeoning technology hub. Melbourne has a tight network of blockchain enterprises and startups, together with significant investment from universities and keen interest from the local and state government.

From Idea to Reality

Our enterprise has grown in so many ways, from a little idea to compliment our friends over at Hcash, into a team of enthusiastic ideas factories we call our team members with a functioning prototype that will leave the payments sector completely flipped.

We have established partnerships with some businesses and have been able to reach out to many more both here in Australia and overseas. A number of other retailers and service providers have expressed interest in our technology and have shown an eagerness to get involved. We are confident that when our prototype app becomes available for download, the prospective businesses will certainly be left with an undeniable impression and see opportunity in being led down the mobile payments path.

We have been able to welcome new team members into the project to strengthen our Marketing and Security activities.

Growing Our HyperPayer Team

We are also pleased to have Roger Zhao come on board to head up our network security division. Roger is a experienced IT pro who we have been lucky enough to pry away from one of the largest IT consultancy firms in the Asia Pacific region. With Roger here in Melbourne, it provides the ability ensure some of our most high security protocols and developments to be built here at HQ. He is fluent in both Mandarin and English and has been a blockchain evangelist and cryptocurrency user before most of us had heard the name Satoshi Nakamoto.

We Are Set to Have a Huge 2018

One of our team members after a hard day.

Our team has made considerable strides since first beginning on the HyperPay project. Building upon the QTUM blockchain has provided the stability and passage toward quantum resistance that is needed ensure our payments product is as secure, stable and resilient as possible.

Our digital wallet is nearing the completion of the first stage of development, and here at the HQ couldn’t be more thrilled with how the app looks and feels from the demos that have been trickling down from the developers. The interface looks sharp, the usability is excellent and everyone who has had the pleasure of experiencing the first incarnation have offered some very constructive feedback on potential improvements before launch date.

We are putting everything together to release our code on Github. With Roger joining our team and broader considerations being made about how we can become more open and transparent for the remaining stages of development.

Things are looking positive for the new year with huge developments in store with a real pathway for stronger growth.

Thanks for all of your support, partnerships and backing.

Look out for our End of Year Development report coming in the next few days.

Ready for the Year ahead.



Bringing the Digital Wallet into the Age of Blockchain. hyperpay.tech

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