Arbitrum Airdrop Claim Tutorial with HyperPay Web3 Wallet!

Mar 17, 2023


Note: Before operating, please confirm that your identity wallet has added an Arbitrum main network or created an Arbitrum single chain wallet.

Step 1: Click on the Web3 Wallet and open the pop-up window

Step 2: Click Connect Wallet

Step 3: Click the Select Wallet button in the WalletConnect pop-up window

Step 4: Click the Connect button on the WalletConnect page in HyperPay Wallet

Step 5: When you see that the connect status is “On-line”, it indicates that the connection was successful. At this time, click the return button in the upper left corner of the page to return to the airdrop DApp page

Step 6: Click the CHECK ELIGIBILITY button on the airdrop DApp page to query the eligibility for airdrop claims

Airdrop eligibility will be displayed in a few seconds!